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Visit the website here to see how it all looks:


This is a collection of several pieces I designed for the LGIL website’s premium and student areas. I designed the logo for LGIL and all of these web elements are designed to fit in with the style and colour palette and give the whole site a unified look and feel.

Firstly is a set of four large buttons to take the user to certain areas of the site etc:

These were designed to replace the ones shown in the screenshots below, after which are some screenshots of the final designs in use on the site, and followed by some of the concepts and working:

The next part is a set of icons used on the home page of the site to link to six main lesson groups. These are small icons and have been made to relate to the main lesson thumbnails I designed which you can see in a seperate area of my portfolio here


Below are the final icons:

The following are screenshots of the icons on the site and the icons they were designed to replace:

Finally, some of the design concepts and site mockups:

Finally are two buttons that unlock once you join the student area of the site and then appear above all the other thumbnails I designed. The brief for these was to make them uniform but differentiate them in some way to make them stand out as different. The ideas I had to do this were by the shape and form of the buttons or by switching the way the colour palette is used.

Below are the final designs followed by a screenshot of them in use:

Next shows the basic buttons that these replaced, and after that some of the concepts and development:

Hopefully you can see how all these elements along with the logos and lesson thumbnails shown to the left give the whole LGIL site a unified aesthetic and theme.


I am pleased with how all this came out as it makes the site look so much more unique and cohesive as well as much more stylised.