You didn’t expect a straight up normal photo from a designer did you? ;)

This will sound like a cliché...

but there are some things in life you don't get to choose, they choose you, and for me that was art and design.


I excelled in art at school. I went to college and studied fine art and design


Then I got sucked into music, another passion of mine. For five or so years I toured and recorded five albums with three bands.

 Next my life took a really unexpected turn...

I somehow ended up in a management role in a major gaming corporation.

Honestly, I'm not sure how that happened, but this role taught me so much.

I learned a lot about management, delivering projects on time and keeping on top of numerous things simultaneously.

Enough about me, what can I do for you?

I can give you something completely unique for your project. Something thoughtfully drawn by hand, not copied from a clip art library.

Something that doesn't make you look like your competitors, and makes you stand out!

Every business should be instantly recognisable by it's visuals and that is what I always strive to achieve with every project.

I do this by really getting to know a business and product. Finding out everything I can about it's creator, their vision and what it is they want to bring to the world.

And as every business is different, it seems only right that each business should have a unique visual image that makes them stand out from their competitors and be instantly recognisable.

I can create a logo, promo materials, or a full branded digital package. I can fulfill your needs no matter how defined your vision is. I will come up with creative ideas and help you with every step of the design process.

You're probably thinking, “hand drawn, bespoke work is going to cost a fortune”... but it won't.

So let's start a conversation about your business and brand...

A big part of my process is involving you in each step of the creative process and getting you something you really love!

I’m always excited to discuss new projects!

Contact me now!


This is the biggest problem with many logo and graphic designers. Let me explain...

Just about anyone can call themselves a designer by purchasing a load of pre made images, fonts and “stock art” and basically just 'arranging things' - and sadly many designers do this!

The end result of starting your project this way is that you could end up looking like your competitors. or worse still looking drab and a long way from the vision you have, with only a loose connection to your project or brand.

My services will offer you something much more unique and tailored to your brand, with more meaning to you, your business and customers.


Digital & analogue

Bespoke and drawn by my own hands.