This is a logo redesign I did for Learn Guitar In London, where the brief was to keep the idea of the old logo using Tower Bridge. The client wanted me to help make a more modern and bold logo for the business, and also design another logo for their paid premium area, and a site favicon which you can see here.

I decided to take the approach of a modern, simple and easily scaleable design that would be clear and identifiable at any scale, and with a colour scheme that pops on light or dark backgrounds. I also wanted to make sure it could be used as a simple black on white or white on black image for certain uses.
Below is the final design:

Below are some images from the development of this new logo, including the drawing itself taking shape, and the development of the colour scheme and font choices. As you can see I decided to make the logo much less square than the old one, as I feel it is a better form for use in website banners and any other use really!

Below is the old logo, which as you can see is very fussy and not terribly clear, readable or boldly identifiable - especially if used small in any marketing or web use.
My aim was to keep the idea / theme but re-conceptualise it and provide a more professional, modern and sleek logo.

The next stage was defining the colour scheme and fonts to be used, now the main form and design was finalised:

By now the colours were decided on as blue and orange, but it was important to get the perfect shades that would work on both light and dark backgrounds, really standing out well on both:

Finally some images from the font development and decision making process.
Initially a Roman type font was looking like the way we were going, but then opted for a more modern and block/bold typeface:

See the Premium Area companion logo I designed here:


Some T-shirts with the design that the
client had made:

Some screenshots of the logo in use online:

Finally, I prepared a CYMK print file to print this 9x6 feet banner: