Obviously I designed my own logo... ;)
Below is the final design:

I specifically wanted a long rectangular logo due to how I wanted to use it on this site, and my inspiration was one of my big interests, geometry and geometric art.

 The design I ended up going with is from the geometry of ‘squaring the circle’ where the circle and square have the same diameter and showing how the centre point of four circles make a second square within.

I based this on a piece of artwork I had made previously:

So, I simplified this design down to a line drawing, and then showing just one layer of the geometry, and used fatter lines to make it bolder and able to be used as an icon on it’s own:

I used this with an appropriately block heavy font and started messing around with some embellishments and different versions, but in the end decided that simple is best as it often is with logo design - clarity, legibility, strong, bold often wins!

Above is the design for my Twitter banner

I have a gallery of my geometric art in the Artwork section of this site if you want to have a look.


Below is the final colour scheme for all my branding, used on this site and on all promo materials etc. You can see more of my design work on my promo/marketing HERE


Below is the alternative square design of my logo in various colour combinations: