These are some of the marketing and promo items I have designed for LZD Design (myself!) including business cards, adverts, flyers and items for the LZD Design Store which sells my artwork, and some items to go with art sales.


First are my business cards, of which there are two types with the same back, and different fronts. The cards actually have rounded edges which you can see in the Style Sheet and final product photo:

Next is the Icon/logo & banner for my online artwork store with various versions from the colour palette I have chosen. I used this logo to create accompanying printed parts to go with art sales as a personalised handwritten thankyou postcard:

Below are the designs for printed cards as part of sales packaging:

Below are some ink stamps I designed and had made. The first to hand stamp the reverse of artworks or prints with information written in by hand related to each piece.

The second stamp is essentially just my logo to use in packaging, envelopes etc. This I just thickened up the sybol part of the logo to make sure it stamps well and is bold:


Finally are two further pieces of promotional material, a black and white advert for a newspaper, and an A5 printed double sided flyer: