This is a set of images and elements made for the website for the band Isurus. There are layout borders and other imagery, as well as promo and advertising elements, and many different background images as each page has a different one.


I designed the album artwork for the band, and this site has a lot of elements from the album Logocharya and is designed to visually fit with that album’s art.

First some of the website layout elements followed by some screenshots of them in use on the site:



Next are some of the artwork elements used, some of which are from the album’s art, with a few that were not:

The following are a few images for a revolving set of images used in a carousel on the home page designed to advertise certain things, or take the user to a specific area on the website:

Finally, a few of the background images used throughout the website, this is not all of them, just a selection. As I mentioned earlier, there is a different image on every page of the site.

The next five images are the background images for the bio section, one for each of the bandmembers, and one for the band bio: