This is the band Isurus’ text logo, designed completely by hand as a bespoke logo without using any pre-existing fonts. The concept was to have a fluid interconnected form made out of the letters. It took quite a few concepts to get to this design and a fair bit of refining on paper to get the perfect weight and balance before I made up the final logo on a computer as a vector.

Below is the final design, followed by some 3D versions of it.

Then next we have some images showing the development and refinement during the design process for the logo. I like to work on paper initially as it just works better for me as I can work faster and prototype more freely. This logo took a lot of adjustment on the macro and micro scale to get the perfect balance!

This logo took a lot of work to refine, but I think the attention to detail pays off, sometimes the most succinct and simple designs take the most work to distill the design down to it’s essence. This logo can easily work in any colour palette, and is very bold and simple so that it works fantastically and looks great at any scale.