This was a big project with lots of individual art elements, to be produced in a deluxe digipak format with a 16 page book. There is a theme of metamorphosis through the album lyrically which is represented in the art with various life stages of the brahmin moth, using images of the pupae chrysalis, caterpillar, and the moth itself. The colour scheme was kept to a sandy yellow, deep red and black on the outer elements of the packaging which is a very classy and regal look, which also fits the moody nature of the record. Isurus are a progressive metal band.

Below is the rear of the package and the CD design:

Below are all the pages from the inner booklet in order. The concept was to have the outer pages of the book dark like the outside then having the pages within once the book is opened to be light with a page for each track with the lyrics. The images for these page backgrounds were from photographs I took of jellyfish, to tie in with the metamorphosis, evolution, progress theme of the record as they are some of the simplest organisms on the planet. In the centre of the booklet is a double page spread of the band silhouetted in their studio. The front and rear pages of the booklet have a drawing of the brahmin caterpillar stage and the Isurus symbol logo.

The endpapers of the packaging (reverse of front cover, and under the clear CD tray) are a painting of the pupae (chrysalis) of the moth:

Below are some images of the finished product, where you can see the matte paper stock chosen for the project:

Finally, some images showing some of the individual artwork elements and some print proof documents showing some of the printing layout:

Some of the above moths were not used in the actual CD, but used on the band’s website and for promo and other such uses.


The company that pressed this record even used it on their website because it looks so good! :)